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                                          How to differentiate the lampholder Series of E14 E27 E12 E26 B15 B22 ?
                                          Published:2010-10-8    Source:Company    Writer:admin   Visitors:2847

                                          How to differentiate the lampholder Series E14 E27 E12 E26 B15 B22 ?
                                          We usually use E14 E27 E12 E26 B15 B22... to differentiate the different kinds of lampholders,But what's the meaning of them?
                                          The lampholder Series of them usually are according to the lamp bulb,Different markets have different standard,the following are the detailes :
                                          E14 E27 Series lampholders are usually used in Europe market,the standard are Europe standard,the approval including CE ENEC VDE ROHS...
                                          E12 E26 Series lampholders are usually used in USA and Canada Market,the standard are UL standard,the approval including UL,CSA,CUL...
                                          B15 B22 Series lampholders are uaually used in British,Australia,Europe market,the standard are BS,SAA,the approval including BS,SAA,CE,ENEC.





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