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                                          China Jonshine Lighting Accessories Factory,One of the leading lighting accessories factories in Guangdong,P.R.China. 
                                          We mainly produce Lampholders,portalampara, portalamparas, portalampade, portalampada, douille, Lampenfassung E14,E27,E12,E26,B15,B22 Series,In line switches, in line cord switches,foot pedal switches,wire plug switch lampholder cord sets,lighting accessories.
                                           Since more than 10 years ago,China Jonshine has been trying their  best  for the development and the use of  the lighting accessories .From when the fist  product was made by  Jonshine to now , Jonshine  has  become  the reliable partner of the lighting and elctric enterprise. 
                                           From only the lampholder series at the initial stage, the product range of Jonshine has also delvoped to a variety of ranges including Lamp holders,In line switches,foot pedal switches,Plug switch lampholder cord sets,lighting accessories.
                                          We have more than 300 products,can supply the clients with the full and variety of choices. We pay more attention to our product quality,and treat the quality as our life.Whether we or the clients,We must insist on the high quality policy if we want to get the long-term success.Our products have gotten many quality certificates of different countries,including the CE ENEC approval of EU,the VDE approval of Germany,the IMQ approval of Italy,etc..All of these give us a very reliable basis for the product quality.We have many developed product test equipment,and a professional quality test-control departemnt(QCD).From when the product material is arrived,During the the products are being produced,To the goods are deliveried to the clients,The QCD are doing the strict quality control all the while.  
                                           It is the clients who understand the market more than us.Therefore,we would like to communicate with the clients very much;we keep on touch with them everywhere at any time;and pay attention to the different requirements of the different cliens.It is our pleasure to discuss with the clients,also to help the clients to solve their problems. 
                                           The product innovation also is one of the most competitive advantage of us.In the past 10 years,we all have our own new products to the market in every year.We have a professional product development department who is in charge of the product design,mold development,new samples manufacture,try to manufacture.
                                          Our business are all around the world,besides China mainland,we have established the long-term business relationship with the clients from more than 20 countries including Germany,Spain,Argentina,Thailand…
                                          We locate in Guzhen,Zhongshan,Guangdong,where was named the world lighting capital.Herely,we have the developed transport logistics,we have many transport centres wich is connecting with everywhere in China mainland.Herely,we have 2 international import-export sea ports,which are connecting with the ports of all the world. Herely,there is a very dense lighting industrial atmosphere,there are thouthands of correlative lighting enterprises,and a world lighting exhibition Centre,the annual world lighting exhibition is hold here.

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                                          China Jonshine Lighting Accessories Factory 
                                          Main business:Plastic Lampholders,Bakelite lampholders,Metal Lampholders,Lampholder Cord Sets,Lighting accessories
                                          In line switch,power cord switches,in line cord switch,inline cord switches,foot pedal switch,power cord set,lampholder cord sets,Lighting components
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